Terms & Conditions

  • All deliveries are subject to an additional fee, which is calculated by postcode by our private courier company via checkout. 
  • If orders are deemed as 'safe' to leave at the door, deliveries will be left at the door. If they are deemed as 'unsafe' they will be returned to the shop and the recipient (if their number has been provided, if not, the customer will be contacted) will be called to organise an alternative time. Or if it's unsafe, we will contact the customer or recipient prior to the flowers leaving the shop. 
  • If customers provide the wrong delivery address, they will be charged an additional delivery fee, so please ensure you have the correct address before your order.
  • Morning deliveries can only be promised to those who order 24 hours prior to the desired delivery date.
  • Due to seasonal changes and availability of flowers, blooms used in arrangements may be substituted by colour or type. 
  • Colours of wrapping, boxing and/or containers are subject to availability and may be changed depending on what's in stock.
  • Customers information is retained for a total of 1 month before being terminated from our system for privacy reasons. Credit card/Debit card numbers are only visible during processing and are then terminated instantly